Beach Portraits - India, Weston-Super-Mare and beyond...

A photographic exploration of people on beaches around the world, an ongoing project.....

Beach Portraits, Goa, India, 2014

'May I take your portrait?'

Everyday whilst in India I watched as people came to the beach in the hour before sunset. I wondered where they had come from, what they were doing here, what their role was... perhaps because I was asking myself similar questions.

I decided to use this hour of pale dusky light to create some portraits of the people around me - I allowed myself one shot to keep the encounter as brief and spontaneous as possible before the person became too aware of being photographed.

Beach Portraits, Weston Super Mare, England, 2014

Portraits taken along the seafront and cafes at Weston-super-Mare, the seaside town where I spent my teenage years.

A May bank holiday in 2014.