20/20 Visions - Re-valuing Photography, People and Place. / by Gina Lundy

Earlier this year I was approached by Knowle West Media Centre and asked whether I'd like to be involved with the 20/20 Visions Project celebrating the 20th Anniversary of KWMC. The project invites twenty photographers who have known KWMC through the years as well as emerging photographers in Bristol to create work responding to the ways in which we make, use and value photography.

The piece I produced features image and text, titled 'There's No Ctrl + Z for Displacement', taken from  placards at the March against the Housing Bill in March of this year. I've been creating work around the housing crisis since 2012 and I used the commission from KWMC to think further about how to communicate the displacement of people from their homes.

The exhibition features work by:

Amak Mahmoodian – Daniel Meadows – Maria Kapajeva – Nathan Hughes – Danya Defraytus – Nicholas White – Ibolya Feher – Mark Perham – Carole Sartain – Mark Simmons – Gina Lundy – Justin Quinnell – Roz Hall – Tommy Sussex – Elizabeth Orcutt & Matt Pontin – Joe Magee – Kirsty MacKay – Pete Ashton – Andrew Jackson – Chris Hoare – Carolyn Hassan

Currently on show until early 2017. 


Source: http://kwmc.org.uk/projects/2020visions/