Disappearing View - West Hendon, London NW9 / by Gina Lundy

I've been thinking and playing about with the power of photography to tell stories for a decent amount of time now.

One thing I'm certain of from all this thinking is that I'm bored of looking at images on screens. I love books but can rarely afford them, so zines and screen prints seem to put me back in touch with something that i always loved about photography - the different ways in which images can be layered, read and interpreted.

I'm studying for a Masters in Research at Glasgow School of Art this year and as part of a group show at IOTA Artspace this month, I installed an image onto a vertical blind. The photograph, taken in West Hendon London, depicts a view that will not survive much longer, both the tree and residential housing will be cleared as part of the development of the 'Welsh Harp Area'.

If you haven't already seen it, and are interested to find out more, watch the BBC documentary 'The Estate We're In' which charts the experiences of some of the West Hendon residents.