Disappearing View - West Hendon, London NW9 by Gina Lundy

I've been thinking and playing about with the power of photography to tell stories for a decent amount of time now.

One thing I'm certain of from all this thinking is that I'm bored of looking at images on screens. I love books but can rarely afford them, so zines and screen prints seem to put me back in touch with something that i always loved about photography - the different ways in which images can be layered, read and interpreted.

I'm studying for a Masters in Research at Glasgow School of Art this year and as part of a group show at IOTA Artspace this month, I installed an image onto a vertical blind. The photograph, taken in West Hendon London, depicts a view that will not survive much longer, both the tree and residential housing will be cleared as part of the development of the 'Welsh Harp Area'.

If you haven't already seen it, and are interested to find out more, watch the BBC documentary 'The Estate We're In' which charts the experiences of some of the West Hendon residents.

Zine - London Housing Crisis - Fantastic New Community by Gina Lundy

As the Housing Bill reaches debate in the House of Lords, the provision of future social housing in the UK is uncertain.  Home owners, council tenants, social renters, insecure tenants and lease-holders across multiple estates in London face uncertainty and find themselves challenging the local councils and contractors who are re-developing the land beneath them.

The zine explores the housing crisis through the experiences of the residents; their homes, lives and ongoing protest against re-location and re-development.

Featuring images from; The Aylesbury, West Hendon, Carpenters Estate, Sweets Way and Cressingham Gardens.

Available to purchase at here and at Street Level Photoworks gallery, Glasgow.

Limited ed. of 50 signed, screen printed zines.

Fantastic New Community - New Work In Progress by Gina Lundy

The projects explores the current housing crisis in London from the perspective of those residents in areas undergoing significant re-development or total demolition - Sweets Way, Carpenter's Road, The Aylesbury, Cressingham Gardens and West Hendon.

The title of the work is taken from an advertising slogan used by developers in Stratford, bordering the Olympic site in 2012. It is used in this context to question what is happening to the existing community in areas undergoing re-generation/re-development.

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* FOCUS E15 * REAL ESTATES * PEER * 18-21 MARCH by Gina Lundy

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REAL ESTATES is a six week multi-purpose project coordinated by art collective FUGITIVE IMAGES opening PEER up as a social, discursive and imaginative space around issues of housing and spatial justice in East London through a constantly changing series of exhibitions, screenings, discussions, readings and workshops.

Our’s is the fifth week, in which we will continue to build a movement that demands SOCIAL HOUSING, NOT SOCIAL CLEANSING. The week will be a melting pot of ideas and events, exhibiting visual materials and films about the campaign, hosting an eviction resistance workshop, open mic night, discussions and socials.

We aim to have a lot of fun, so please come and join us, join in! 


OPEN SPACE: During our week the doors will always be open,(12-8pm), all the events are free, and we will be exhibiting our campaign materials, and showing films of the campaign throughout , so pop for a cup of tea and a biscuit and chat!

Exhibiting work about the campaign by photographer and artist Gina Lundy, and work of photographers Jess Hurd and David Mirzoeff. 

*Wednesday 18th* 

* 2-4pm Energy Rights workshop by Fuel Poverty Action: “struggling to pay your energy bills or top up your meter? Join FPA for information, support and collective action!

* 6pm – 8.30pm Our OPENING SOCIAL and OPEN MIC NIGHT! (Call out for performers!!) Come and join us for a drink and some food, see photos of the Open House from Jess Hurd and some campaign films!

*Thursday 19th* 


*1 .30-3pm “The Transformation of London Council Housing 1960s-2010s: From Gentrification Buffer to State-led Gentrification” - With Senior Lecturer Paul Watt of Birkbeck, Tawanda Nyabango from CARP talking about Carpenters estate in Newham, and Jasmin Parsons from Our West Hendon talking about West Hendon estate in Barnet.

*3.30 -5pm : Geraldine Dening from DMU, lecturer on architecture,- to talk about role of architecture in the crisis. This stretches from the way the estates were built in the first place, to the tactical ways architecture is used as a weapon today (poor doors, boarding up buildings, economic/ social cleansing..) and then how/ whether architecture can help to improve the situation. 
Also visual project about and the dispersal/ displacement of people based around information from the Heygate estate, postcards, people can buy a stamp and send them.

EVE: 7:00 - 8:00 pm: Informal evening of performances, readings and films, from artists and writers. Iincluding:

* Artist, Alison Ballance will perform 'Ursula". http://aballance.tumblr.com/

* Writer and critic, Patrick Langley will give a reading from a new text. http://www.mrlangley.co.uk/

* Screening of 'Letter from New Orleans', by writer and critic Morgan Quaintance. http://morganquaintance.com/
A documentary film shot in New Orleans in 2014 during DAM PROJECTS' two-week stay. The film features interviews with Prospect.3 Artistic Director Franklin Sirmans, Prospect.3 artist Douglas Bourgeois, Bounce MC Katey Red, artists creatives and more.
Produced by DAM PROJECTS, Directed by Morgan Quaintance, director of photography, Sam Fisher

* Screening of 'Inversion Reflection' by artist Rab Harling. 

Evening organised by Matthew McQuillan

*Friday 20th * 

DAY: Eviction Resistance SKILLSHARE DAY

*12-1pm: Screening of Sí Se Puede!: 7 Days at the Barcelona PAH,

*1.30-3pm: Housing and Tenancy Law Workshop from Sue Lukes (incl, Migrant Housing Law)

*3.30-4.30pm: How to Resist an Eviction: ways of protesting: contributions from Adivorsy Service for Squatters, Green and black Cross (Legal), and Legal defence and Monitoring Group.

*4.30-6pm MEET UP & SHARING: Open Discussion, live case-work story sharing. Contributions from Sweetsway Estate, HASL, Robin from Unite Communities, Focus E15, Our West Hendon, Guinness, Skills Network, DIGS, Radial Housing Network and many more.

EVE: 6pm – 8.30pm FILM screenings:
*Dorothy Allan-Pickard’s Carpenters State, https://vimeo.com/111399631

*Concrete Heart Land by Rastko Novakovic and Steven Ball, about the Heygate Estate. http://www.concreteheartland.info/

* Focus E15 Campaign Films by Kate Belgrave, Jason Parkinson, Julian Samboma.

*Saturday 21st * 

*3-5pm LONG TABLE Public talk! Open format discussion on housing with key figures and campaigns, Including Focus E15, Skills Network, Our West Hendon, LCAP, and plenty more…come and join the conversation!

*This is the beginning of the end of the housing crisis*

*****SEE YOU THERE *****

Focus E15 Campaign

Programmed by Emer Mary Morris and Focus E15 Campaign with design help from Nina Scott and in association with Fugitive Images and PEER

My Favourite Colour Was Yellow - Kirsty Mackay by Gina Lundy

The SUBTLE Construction of gender identities explored through the power of pink by photographer Kirsty MacKay in her book, "My Favourite Colour was Yellow'.

Getting work out there as a photographer is increasingly difficult and in order to publish books photographers are having to raise the capital themselves with the help of kickstarter campaigns.

This book deserves support! Have a look here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1960930891/my-favourite-colour-was-yellow

'Evolving In Conversation' At Brighton Photography Biennial 2014 by Gina Lundy


The Brighton Photography Biennial Opens tonight October 3rd, kicking off a packed programme of exhibitions, talks and workshops. The Biennial runs from October 3rd – Nov 2nd 2014.


This year the festival opens up the idea of curation and co-creation, within a wider theme of 'Communities, Collectives and Collaboration', more info here: http://bpb.org.uk/2014/


I am one of 4 photographers commissioned by Photoworks and Brighton And Hove Libraries to make work in response to the theme, 'How Individuals Make Society Change' as part of the 'Evolving In Conversation' brief: http://bpb.org.uk/2014/event/evolving-in-conversation/


My response was to create a set of photographs portraying young people who had spoken out on issues of both personal and community importance, the series is called 'Young Advocates'.


The full series and work of other photographers responding to the commission can be seen at the Jubilee Library from tonight, details below:


'Dave Grow A Pair' - Anti-FGM Campaigner, Muna Hassan as part of 'Evolving In Conversation' Commission for Brighton Photography Biennial 2014 by Gina Lundy

The Brighton Photography Biennial opens this Friday, running from October 3rd – Nov 2nd. This year the festival widens the act of curation within a framework of 'Communities, Collectives and Collaboration', more info here: http://bpb.org.uk/2014/

I was one of 4 photographers commissioned by Photoworks and Brighton & Hove Libraries to make work in response to the theme, 'How Individuals Make Society Change', http://bpb.org.uk/2014/event/evolving-in-conversation/

In the run up to this Friday's opening I'm going to show a small taster of some of the work on this blog, including some behind the scenes shots that didn't make the final edit.

My initial idea was to create a set of photographs portraying young people who had spoken out on issues of both personal and community importance, the series has the working title of 'Young Advocates'.

The images above are of Muna Hassan, shot at Spike Island, Bristol. I made contact with Muna through Integrate, a Bristol based Charity formed to help with the integration of young people and children who have arrived from other countries and cultures, and who also campaign against all forms of Violence and Abuse Against Women and Girls, (VAAWG), promoting gender equality.

Muna who was born in Somalia and came to Bristol from Sweden in 2003, is baffled as to why the government does not do more to stop FGM. About 20,000 children are at risk of FGM in the UK each year. Interviewed by Sue Lloyd Roberts on BBBC's Newsnight in 2012, Muna said;

"What would you do if the girl had blue eyes and blonde hair? Would FGM still be carrying on in the UK?"

"They are so terrified and they are using cultural sensitivity as a barrier to stop them from really doing anything.

Asked if she had a message for David Cameron?

"Yes," she said, "Grow a pair and do something about FGM.”

"And if you can't handle the issue then there is no point in you doing your job."

See more of the interview here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18931460

Since the interview, Integrate have been at the forefront of campaigning on FGM awareness, generating a petition with over 200,000 signatures, calling then Education Secretary, Michael Gove to write to every head teacher in the UK, to ensure FGM awareness was addressed in Primary and Secondary schools.

See more of the campaign here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/feb/05/british-girl-guardian-campaign-end-female-genital-mutilation-fgm

Find out more about the work of Integrate at: http://integratebristol.org.uk/