Photobook Festival Bristol - This Weekend / by Gina Lundy

I'm very excited that this is happening in Bristol, wow what a line up of participants!

Joachim Schmid, Gerry Badger, Andy Sewell, Martin Parr, Thomas Wiegand, Max Pinckers, Amanda Renshaw, Michael Mack, Stephen Gill, Jesus Mico, Jon Tonks, Sebastien Girard, Ken Grant, Peter Mitchell, Anouk Kruithof, Bart Sorgedrager, Corinne Noordenbos, Bruno Ceschel, Stephen Bull, Colin Pantall, Paul Seawright and Donovan Wylie.

I have this afternoon free to swot up on who is who and what work they've done so I can try and seem like I know (Bristol accent) something about something or nothing about nothing....

Looking forward to it, hope to see some of you there.